David Boxley Tsimshian Northwest Coast Artist

It is an ancient tradition in coastal culture that artists are asked to make art for interested clients. In the old days Chiefs would commission artists from other tribes to make important works for them even though they might have artists among their own people. This showed thier power and wealth to have totems or other art made, and it gave the artists the opportunity to learn many tribal styles and the stories that went with them.

Those interested in commissioning a piece of art from David can pursue it in a number of ways. First an e-mail or phone call to discuss interest and availability. Then, further discussion on the piece itself, a timeline, and payments. Depending on the size and scope of the commission the down payment would be one third to one half the total. Instate commissions add sales tax to the final payment, and all commissions add shipping to final payment.

Deciding on style for the commission:
Some clients give David the freedom to create knowing his reputation and quality, and others are more specific as to what they would like him to make. Above all, David is concerned with tradition, and quality. He is Alaskan Tsimshian, and he makes every effort to produce art that reflects the history, style, and tradition of the Tsimshian.

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