David Boxley Tsimshian Northwest Coast Artist

2017 Performace Dates

Currently we have a variety of perfomance dates in 2017 scheduled thoughout the United States and Canada.

See our listing below for specific locations.

The Git-Hoan performers June 5th 2010 in Juneau, Alaska.

Photos by: Mark Hoover & Steve Quinn

Tsimshian Culture

In addition to producing the finest quality Northwest Coast Native art, David remains very involved in preserving and spreading Tsimshian culture. In the past, he has led several Native dance groups, including the Seattle based Tsimshian Haayuuk. He now leads the Git-hoan (People of the Salmon) Native Dance Group, pictured above at a recent performance.

Performace Dates & Locations Details

January 20-22 - Disney World, Florida. Epcot Center in celbration of installation of two new totem poles by David Boxley and his son, David R.
March 24 - Vancouver B.C., UBC Museum - First Nations Festival
April 24 - Juneau, Alaska
June 1-12 - traveling to Bergamo, Italy to perform

YouTube Videos of Git-hoan (People of the Salmon) Native Dance Group Performances

We've selected several portions of performances that have been make public on this great resource. We thank the videographers whom have posted these segments.

View the official Smithsonian event coverage video: David Boxley Totem Pole at the National Museum of the American Indian

Yeil in Tlingit, but this dance group is Tsimshian. David Boxely's group is an incredible blend of artistic innovation and cultural expression. As the Tshimshian group from Metlakatla, Alaska lost most of their traditional songs due to a heavy presence of missionaries, most of these songs are original compositions. This performance was at the Anchorage Museum in May, 2010. Ravens scared the baby at the end, so I stopped filming! Now all baby wants to do is watch this video. Ravens scared the baby at the end, so I stopped filming! Now all baby wants to do is watch this video.

Celebration 2010 - Killer Whale Song, honoring the Killer Whale People.

A new song performed at Celebration 2010:
"Deer Song" - The gift of the little doe.

Tsimshian Raven Song from Robert Davidson totem pole celebration in Old Masset Haida Gwaii - 2009

Raven Dance performed by Git Hoan (meaning 'people of the salmon'), a native dance group based in Kingston, WA. This performance took place at the 2009 Haida dinner in Seattle.

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