David Boxley Tsimshian Northwest Coast Artist

David Boxley's tireless devotion to his culture and the precision, passion, and soul that he places in his craftsmanship has made him the finest Tsimshian carver of his generation. His work can proudly stand with the greatest Tsimshian artists of the past.

- Christopher Hopkins

"David Boxley is a highly regarded artist. He is undeniably a masterful carver, his skill deemed with awe by his peers. He continues to carve in the old style. He follows the ancient tradition of his people, passing down knowledge and mentoring other artists. He is a great role model to aspiring artists. Despite the demand for his work, he dedicates his time to teaching the Tsimshian language."

- Sincerely, Elizabeth Steinbrook

"I have known David Boxley for over 25 years and during that period have purchased a number of pieces of NW Coast art from him. He is a wonderful artist and a real student of his peoples' culture. The size of his work that I have purchased has ranged from a small feast dish to three twenty-foot totem poles, all beautiful. In short, he has my unqualified recommendation."

- Jack Creighton

I have known the Alaskan Tsimshian artist David Boxley for more than 25 years. David's dedication to his art, his culture, and his people is inspiring to me. He has lent his prodigious talents as carver, painter, singer, songwriter, and dancer to countless Native events and groups. David and I have worked together on many projects involving his visual art, especially the graphic artwork on paper. David has the creative spirit and the discipline to produce almost 100 graphic editions of his designs already. Always studying to deepen his knowledge of Tsimshian history and culture, his visual art has evolved also to express new levels of understanding of the interconnections between that history and the contemporary world. As wonderful as the body of work that David Boxley has already created is, I believe the best is yet to come.

- Paul Nicholson

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