David Boxley Tsimshian Northwest Coast Artist
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On these pages, you will be introduced to some of the work of David Boxley, an internationally recognized Northwest Coast Native artist and culture bearer.

David primarily produces his artwork on a commission basis, and has accepted commissions from organizations, individuals, companies and govermental bodies.

{Click Here} View the David Boxley 2012 Dreamcatcher Fund Gala video interview.

The 2012 Totem Pole Installtion at The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Includes video excerpts of the event! (Read More...}

2017 Performace Dates

January 20-22- Disney World, Florida. Epcot Center
March 24 - Vancouver B.C.,
April 24 - Juneau, Alaska
June 1-12 - Bergamo, Italy

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Dancers Schedule

View the highlights our performance from Robert Davidson's Totem Pole raising on YouTube Video.

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View The Video Exceprts of Celebration 2012

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